About Us

With you, we are building a better world, powered by women

We believe in social impact made by women

Influential, skilled and connected women with bold solutions to social and environmental issues can create sustainable opportunities to make the world a better place. They are also more likely to be listened to and valued as civic, political and economic contributors.

... and a strong support ecosystem

We believe that a stronger ecosystem of advisors, supporters and finance providers, that operates with a conscious gender-lens, can contribute to growing women in social enterprises and their work.

What We Do

With a team of highly qualified consultants, Ogunte CIC delivers a suite of customised products and services tailored to the challenges and business needs of women in social enterprises, the professionals working in their eco-system, and organisations who aspire to have a positive impact on women and girls.

Ogunte offers learning development opportunities to individuals, teams or groups, service design & prototyping experiences, as well as business technical assistance.

Through our collaboration, you take away a “think and do” roadmap and a playbook to reinforce your inspiration, your vision, your strategy, your personal and team development, and your accountability.

We are based in the UK and operate online and face-to-face via our global associates’ network.

Our customers and how we help them

Since 2007, we have worked with ca 10000 women in social enterprises and their supporters (technical assistance, social finance providers).
We enable Women in Social Enterprises to learn, lead and connect.

We enable Innovation Funds & Grant Makers, and social business service providers to make a positive & measurable impact on the Women-led Social Enterprise Ecosystem.



The team has global experience in organisational reviews and business planning, futures-thinking, design sprints, social innovation prototyping, branding and trends, information and knowledge management, social impact measurement, strategy reviews, leadership and executive support, collaboration and stakeholders management. Read more about each of our coaches by clicking on the pictures above.

We have managed grants, awards, developed knowledge and networks specifically around women leading sustainable change, contributed to mentor and upskill women in enterprises across the globe with our partners and clients (Trust Law Connect, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Aspire Foundation for Women, The Womanity Foundation, Hogan Lovells LLP, Kering Foundation, B Corps, etc.), created an Activist Angels programme for up and coming investors and lenders, conducted research with over 200 women social innovators globally, collaborated in the European wide study of Women’s Social Entrepreneurship, run Make a Wave, the first growth readiness/incubator programme for Women in Social Enterprises in the UK and organized 7 International Women’s Social Leadership Awards for impactful women social leaders.

Quality Insurance

Ogunte has been honoured in the 2018 and 2019 B Corporation Best for the World list in the category Governance.

Ogunte is 2019 "Best for the world" BCORP GOVERNANCE HONOUREE

Ogunte CIC honoured as Best for the World in the B Corporation 2018 Governance list

Coaching services are supervised by Neela Bettridge. MAC, Certified Master Coach, and Servane Mouazan, MA, MAC. All associates get development and supervision opportunities.

If you have received coaching with our team, please click here to fill in a quick coaching review. We use it to improve our services and understand what worked best for you.

Our values

Generosity | Sense of Connectedness | Inclusion | Boldness

What we practice (and it goes both ways!)

Reciprocity | Acknowledgement | Permission | Excitement!


"I continue to be inspired by the many mutual connections we discovered. Your work is so important."

Amy Hall
Director Social Consciousness | Eileen Fisher | New York, USA.

Ogunte are brilliant at providing opportunities for women social entrepreneurs, making a real impact on the world at large. Without this support, where would we be?

Benita Matofska
Ceo The People Who Share

"I found working with Servane a welcome challenge to my habitual ways of thinking. I had my eyes opened to all sorts of possibilities I would never otherwise have considered, and always in a very supportive, nurturing way."

Hannah Lee
HR Macmillan Cancer Support

"The event was a truly authentic event where you can learn a lot with impact in such a short space of time and walk away with clear actionable items to improve your design processes and work culture." [On "Designing *With* humans - Event]

Hope Chauland

"This event was a shot in the arm in terms of positive, intelligent, thoughtful, inclusive, creative and social change inspiration!"

Linda Damerell
Tapestry Innovation

"Servane is a social entrepreneur with a unique mission: to support women who are making a difference in the world. I am privileged to be a member of the community of Ogunte Awardees and bowled over by Servane's generosity of spirit and her commitment to women who are leading social change. I feel privileged to be part of the Ogunte community!"

Louise Van Rhyn
Ceo & Founder Symphonia for South Africa

"Servane Mouazan excels in Coaching and Leadership. She is an inspirational mentor with a strong "Can Do" attitude and ability to bring people together from different backgrounds."


"Ogunte has great networks, great energy, and is a really supportive environment for women social entrepreneurs. My experience of coaching was thought-provoking, challenging in just the right way, but always supportive. Highly recommended!"

Ruth Marvel
Head of Policy & Government Affairs | Scope

"Servane is insightful and incredibly well connected. A creative problem solver who is always fun and challenging to work with, her energy and focus are standouts in this sector. Most important of all she taught me everything i know about measuring social impact and quadruple bottom lines!"

Stephen Rockman
Founder and Managing Partner | Merism Capital

"Servane Mouazan is a force of nature. She nurtures women entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams, engages supporters and angel investors as mentors, uses social media to create awareness, and is generous and committed. You can’t help but be inspired by these entrepreneurs. Ogunte is a programme worth supporting."

Suzanne Biegel
Catalyst at Large | Women Effect

Company info

Ogunte is no longer operating. We've moved on!
Please visit Conscious Innovation


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