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Education is recognised as one of the most significant issues facing South Africa. More than 20,000 schools are failing.

Symphonia for South Africa is a Non-Profit Organisation with a vision to strengthen the fabric of South African society. We lead and initiate projects that are intended to engage South Africans in processes of nation building so that we can truly be a country that is "Alive with Possibility!"

We work to radically improve education outcomes in South Africa so that all South African children have access to Quality Education by 2022.

We have developed a radically innovative process

We are redefining Leadership Development (taking development out of the classroom into the school and the principals office) – business leaders report that this process has been far more impactful for them than any traditional executive development process;

We are redefining Corporate Social Responsibility (moving away from cheque-book philanthropy and dumping money and goods on under-performing schools to tapping into the skills, knowledge and experience of passionate business leaders in the organisation);

We are redefining Education reform (from focusing on deficiencies to focusing on gifts and contribution)

I am bringing the knowledge and skills I have developed through 25 years of working in business change to Education (a critical challenge for South Africa).

At the heart of our work is "Our Partners for Possibility" initiative

In February 2011 nine business leaders in Cape Town partnered with nine school principals in co-learning & co-action partnerships;

Together they tackled the most significant and critical issues at the schools;

Business leaders brought their knowledge and skills and principals created the opportunity for business leaders to work in an area outside their comfort zone (the most conducive environment for powerful learning);

The impact of these partnerships were transformational (the 9 principals, 270+ teachers, 6,000+ children, 9,000+ parents and many others)

Since then we have launched 47 partnerships which is impacting on 47 principals, 1,500+ teachers, 34,000+ children, 40,000+ parents and many others).

Principals are re-energized to lead change at their schools, teachers have shining eyes, parents are engaged and learners benefit. 

Louise van Rhyn | Symphonia for South Africa South Africa (Welgemoed)

http://www.symphonia.net/symphonia_for_south_africa.htm | @louisevanrhyn

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