Natalia Oberti Noguera - Founder The Pipeline Fund

The 5th Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Awards |  Judging Panel 2011

Natalia Oberti Noguera - Pipeline Fund

Natalia is Founder and CEO of Pipeline Fund, a social venture fund that invests in women-led for-profit social ventures and trains women to become angel investors through education, mentoring, and practice. She is also the creator of #womaninnovator, a media campaign to increase the visibility of women changemakers and mainstream their stories.

Natalia Launched New York Women Social Entrepreneurs, a network she started with six women in 2008 and quickly grew to over 1,200 members. Based in NYC, NYWSE counts both social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs as members: women who want to start their own social ventures and women who want to learn how to integrate sustainability [environmentally and socially conscious ethos] at work.
More about Natalia here

Christina Jordan - Evolutionize It

Christina is an american social innovator with 25+ years of experience in international development, including more than a decade designing and facilitating online collaboration strategies from East Africa. In 2001 she became the first Ashoka fellow in the east African region.

Christina currently lives in Brussels, Belgium, where she has founded Evolutionize It, a social enterprise dedicated to facilitating collaboration in the social change sector worldwide. She also sits on the board of the Hub Brussels.

Victoria Anderson - UnLtd

Based in London, Victoria is Director of Programmes and Operations at UnLtd; Non-Profit Panel Member at Knowledge Peers, a directors' network with a difference, that cuts out the armchair experts and enable people who run complex organisations to learn from each other's experience.

Victoria is also an advisory board member at Philanthropy UK, and a Board Director at Venture Partnership Foundation. She has an extended experience in fundraising and global development issues.

Tommy Hutchinson - I-genius

From Northern Ireland, Tommy studied economic at Leeds before becoming National Treasurer of the National Union of Students. He then joined NatWest Group as an aerospace analyst, before becoming the bank’s Political Adviser. During this phase in his career he stood for Parliament as the Labour candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green in the 1997 general election. In 2000, he became Director of the Industry Forum developing relations between the business community and governments in UK, EU, WTO and Washington DC.

For six years he chaired the trustees of a youth charity ‘Kikass’. He also created Champ, which helped promote reconciliation in Northern Ireland/Ireland, Eurobandits, which ran the official online campaign to encourage citizens to vote in the European parliamentary elections. Five years ago he joined social marketing agency Equator Media Limited as a director and shareholder.

In 2007 Tommy founded i-genius, a world community of social entrepreneurs. He is trustee of Maytree Respite Centre for the suicidal and co-authored a booklet entitled ‘A risky business.’

Charlotte Cooper - Women's eNews


Charlotte is the director of marketing for New York based award-winning nonprofit news service Women's eNews.

Charlotte has worked in independent publishing aiming to create social change including ethical lifestyle title LUNCH and co-founding and designing SUBTEXT magazine.

She has worked with a variety of nonprofit titles and organizations. She is a current fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and on the New York fellows coordinating team where she is working on creating a more fruitful community of social innovators.


Nick Temple - School for Social Entrepreneurs

Nick is responsible for the School for Social Entrepreneurs's policy work, evaluation, research, external communications. Previously, he was the Network Director in charge of sustaining and expanding the SSE franchise around the UK.

Nick was also Director of the Global Ideas Bank, an online democratic think-tank devoted to social innovation: creativity for social benefit. He also helped co-ordinate the Natural Death Centre, the UK's only independent organisation giving funeral advice and information direct to the public.

Ruth Churchill Dower - Winner Women's Social Leadership Awards 2009 - Category Social Business.

Ruth is Director of Isaacs UK - a cultural learning company and a social enterprise with an international remit to build strategic knowledge networks across cultural and educational sectors. Isaacs UK provides specialist support in areas of early years, arts in education, learning networks, professional development, social media business models, networked leadership, evaluation and impact assessments, and knowledge management systems, and is committed to supporting cultural democracy.

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