Make a Wave Bootcamp SessionMake a Wave is a unique Specialist Incubator Programme for Women Social Entrepreneurs.
Make a Wave helps participants to be better equipped and more confident to develop business skills, present projects to funders, angels, or investment panels, and communicate their business or NGO better to specific audiences. 


*** LOOK AT THE MAKE A WAVE JOURNAL Link to Make a Wave learning journal/blog*** (Tumblr - post a short article and don't forget to tag!) 

1. Branding and Social Media

Read: How to start designing your brand identity? (Blog) Olivia Knight - Ceo PatchworkPresent
Action: How to plan your social media activity - Plus download your social media planner.
Action: Social Impact Measurement: Have a go at the Theory of Change Model
Presentation Rebecca Rae. Reason Digital (Manchester) - Social Media and Story Telling. (PDF download)

2. Leadership

Action: How well do you know yourself? (Includes quizz - great before your form a team)
Watch: Derek SIVERS – "How to start a movement" Look at this video 
Quizz: What is your leadership style

3. Planning and Budgeting

Action: How to do a Simple Cash-Flow Forecast (Video)
Read: 15 budget and cash-flow mistakes I promise I won't make 
Action: 4 steps to prepare for your business plan
Read: Business model canvas - Business model YOU! Learning from Bootcamp.

4. Fundraising

Action:3 Practical Pitching Tips
Action: Get funded!

Read: A few tips in introduction to crowdfunding, by Theresa Burton CEO Buzzbnk
Read: How to put yourself in the shoes of an investor! blog by Make a Wave Manchester Fellows. 

FREE Download: The WorldWide Fundraiser Handbook, by Michael Norton, 2009 (PDF)

5. Legal

Action: Get Free Legal Advice from our partners at TrustLaw (Conditions apply - Mention Ogunte in your application form)

Read: Guide for Social Entrepreneurs on how to choose the best legal structure in England & Wale  or in the USA 


(No download necessary - Use Firefox or Safari for best experience)

MAKE A WAVE PI #3 -2014 -  250 Future Women Social Entrepreneurs

How to remodel your social business? With June O'Sullivan, CEO Lond Early Years Foundation, Deputy Chair Social Enterprise UK
How do i grow as a social leader? With Servane Mouazan, CEO Ogunte CIC.
How do i Budget and Fundraise? (Packed with tips and processes!) With Servane Mouazan, CEO Ogunte CIC
How to get Pro-Bono Legal Advice? With Daniel Rostrup, Programme Manager TrustLaw, at Thomon Reuters.
How do you know you are making an impact? With Heather Black, CEO Economic Change, previously CEO Striding Out. Goes to Instant Presenter.
How to build a team and be a great collaborator (and avoid self-sabotage). With Melanie Stack (President Europe Yankee Candle Company; ex President Intl WeightWatcher Inc. Goes to (sounds gets better 15 minutes in)
Give your social enterprise a solid make up session (Branding webinar) -with Olivia Knight from PatchworkPresent. Goes to
Navigating the Funding Maze - With Erika Watson from PROWESS. Goes to



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MAKE A WAVE PI #2 - Learning Live Sessions - 2012-2013:

Suzanne Biegel: How to structure your board
Suzanne Biegel: What Angels might expect from you
Bonnie Foley-Wong: How Activist Angels show an integrated approach to decision-making.
Susan Aktemel: Never separate ideas from spreadsheets!
Ida Beerhalter: How to effectively build relationships with team & main stakeholders.

suzannebiegel MAWAJan13


Jenni Inglis : Things to think about before going through Social Impact Measurement
Kate Welch: Acumen Development Trust - On developing a social business
Sherine Mahmoud: How to prepare before speed-dating impact investors...
How to prepare for impact investment.  


Have a go at THE BUSINESS DIAGNOSTIC FORM HERE (word doc) to work on the questions - (guidance included)

For Angels: Give what you are good at and help charities grow through strategic support, not just painting walls... Impetus Trust 

MAKE A WAVE PI #1 - Learning Live sessions - 2011-2012

Read "Don't Wait to turnover £1m to start nurturing relationships" 
Feedback Social Business Trust with CEO Adele Blakebrough

Read "Drop the "We are a Social Enterprise" from the pitch"
Feedback ASTIA EUROPE with board member Sarah Ryan

Read "Not all Social Entrepreneurs are Treehuggers"
Feedback Merism Capital - Hub Venture Labs with CEO Stephen Rockman

Read "Communicate your Values in a Way People can Understand"
Feedback The Impetus Trust with CEO Daniela Barone Soares

Read "Women Business Angels, it's not About Having a Soft Touch"
Feedback Sally Goodsell, CEO FSE Group, Incito Ventures and Social Impact Co-Investment Fund

Read "Impact Investors should be able to deal with growing pains and hurdles"
Feedback Venture Partnership Foundation with Victoria Anderson (Board Director) and Andrea Soccorso (CEO)

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