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Make a Wave Incubator returns in a new format, supporting 250 aspiring women social entrepreneurs.

  • Make a Wave is a start-up readiness programme that gives 250 women globally, foundation skills to think about social enterprise, design a business or NGO model that postively impacts on people and planet, and get a great peer-to-peer network
  • Programmes in Manchester and London are now completed. If you are a funding organisation, and want to set up an incubator in your city your interest here.

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1. What will happen during the programme?

  • Up to 250 women are enrolled in the programme.
  • Selected participants attend a business skills bootcamp in cities over the UK. A "bootcamp" involves live coaching to establish foundation competences for social enterprise, networking, communication, vision, branding and fundraising.
  • Current cities involved are Manchester and London. Further cities will come up later in the year.
  • 6 live mentoring webinars with amazing entrepreneurs and business professionals.
  • 25 women will be selected to go through a crowdfunding challenge.
  • You will be referred to grant funders and other organisations backing social entrepreneurs in your city.
  • Five ventures will get financial prizes alongside further mentoring.

2. Who is the new Make a Wave "250 Future Women Social Entrepreneurs" for?

You are eligible to apply to the "250 Future Women Social Entrepreneurs" programme if:

  • you are a woman living in, OR representing a third sector organisation based in one of the cities where the programme will be delivered;
  • you are 18 years or older;
  • you are committed to attend the business skills bootcamp in your city, the 6 webinars and the 3 networking events;
  • You are prepared for Ogunte to share your details with our funders.
  • You agree to help promote women-led social enterprise during and after the programme if reasonably requested.
  • you are willing to actively participate on the programme - in addition to the taught elements, the 250 Future Women Social Entrepreneurs' programme gives participants the chance to learn from and support each other, and we expect everyone on the programme to share the difficulties or challenges facing their venture.

This programme is for you if:

  • you have never led a social enterprise, and wants to create one OR
  • your third sector organisation wants to consider trading as a social enterprise OR
  • you've been involved in a campaign, a charity, or a voluntary group for several years but have never received any formal training, or never formally led a social enterprise yourself OR
  • you are currently involved in a pilot or you want to start working on a social enterprise pilot or campaign, OR
  • you are working in a private company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, or a private foundation and you are thinking of "spinning off" or launching your own social enterprise, OR
  • you are aspiring to start a social enterprise related module at university;

nb: We aim to equip women from diverse economic backgrounds, age and ethnicities to break silos as well as encourage learning and open innovation. We have seen that it generates better results when these groups are mixed.

3. What skills do I need to attend?

The programme is delivered in English. You'll need to be able to read, write, speak and understand basic business English. You also need to have access to a computer and good bandwidth, be able to use and organise emails, navigate linkedin/facebook platforms and be able to fill in and return feedback forms after each session using basic online surveys (identical to this Make a Wave programme expression of interest form)

4. The programme is not for...

  • Entrepreneurs who have already started to trade and developed fully functionning teams/social enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurs who have already received funding (£5000 +) from programmes such as UnLtd or the Big Lottery), in their current setting. (Because you have managed to get through their selection process, you are great!)
  • Male future social entrepreneurs (sorry!) 

5. How much does it cost?

The programme is free for participants to attend (bar a £50 enrollment admin fee). A programme costs £25,000 to run on an annual basis, for funders and loca authorities for a cohort of 30 people in live sessions.

Note that as a participant:

  • There is a one off, non refundable enrolment fee of £50.
  • You need to have access to an internet connection and computer (with sound!) to be able to participate to the webinars. There is no fee to pay to connect to the webinar on line.
  • Travel bursaries to and from the bootcamps and to and from the networking events are not available.


6. When does it start, when does it finish, and events dates?

2013-2014 ***COMPLETED***

  • 15 October 2013 - 15 December 2013: Application with quick online expression of interest and commitment of participation
  • 5th February 2014: Induction teleconference to answer questions about the programme, align expectations and share objectives.
  • March 2014: Business Skills Bootcamps take place in each city. (A bootcamp is a 1 day session - 9am to 4pm)
  • March - June 2014:  6 online mentoring webinars and tutorial support (webinars take place at lunchtime and are recorded)
  • April through August 2014: Crowdfunding challenges
  • April through September 2014: Three local networking events per city
  • September 2014: Selection 5 prizes and start mentoring
  • January to December 2014: available tutorial, coaching support & peer-to-peer support through internet networking forum. Resources will still be made available and peer to peer networks to be maintained beyond the programme.

7. What will I be expected to do?

Turn up to the bootcamp, the networking events and the webinars! Without them, you won't get your foundation skills.

  • Note your progress on your impact journal
  • Share your learning and your thoughts on the programme’s blog and with other participants
  • Give a quick feedback on-line after each session (business confidence, competence and connections)
  • Have a go at the crowdfunding campaign and nurture your network.
  • Win a micro-loan and/or compete for future grant funding or investment via our programme partners.
  • Commit to complete the programme and complete assignments to the best of your abilities. The programme is designed to test your entrepreneurial ability.

Make a Wave 250 Future | Content

8. How developed does my idea need to be?

Is it going to be possible to realize an already existing idea or will it have to be a new business idea that we will have to come up with during the program? Both are possible.

9. Solo or in team?

Are we expected to build a team from within the participants? No, not necessarily. But it could be a great idea to join forces if you find talented people through the programme, who can actually add value to your project. In this case, there is no specified number of members per team, but it's about making it simple for all, so start with 2 people, then grow the numbers as you go. Be aware that working in teams takes a different set of skills, than doing it on your own! 

If you are part of a charity or voluntary group, your experience will certainly contribute to explore social enterprise with your colleagues

10. How will I progress after the programme?

At the end of the 250 Future Women Social Entrepreneurs programme, we’ll celebrate your achievements and we will encourage you to progress further, apply for investment, grants, in kind support, other entrepreneurs programmes, and importantly start to put your product/service to market. You will capture your proposition in a document that will help you synthesise your ideas, values, mission, product, team, and learning needs. This will be a great base to use on a website, a project proposal, a funding request, for instance.

11. Who is running the programme?

Since 2007 in the UK, the Ogunte team has coached and connected over 3700 women social entrepreneurs and supporters, offering a global network, and a development pipeline from idea-stage up to access to impact finance. This global network is an enormous asset for anyone entering the pipeline. Connections are made through the team, peer-to-peer introductions, and via social media.

Our private partners have committed 5 micro-loans of £1000 to invest in early stage women social entrepreneurs. Staff have been trained as angels, will contribute to the selection panel, and will also mentor the recipients of the loans.

  • Many thanks to our supporters in 2012-2014

    Logo Manchester City Council

    Logo Unltd

    Santander SponsorLogo Zolfo Cooper

    Manchester | Jo McGrath | Enterprise Stuff Ltd
  • Bristol | Helen Farmer | Voice By Volume
  • Leeds | Katie Brown | Connected WellBeing
  • Norwich | Erika Watson | Greenwell Consulting | Prowess 2.0
  • Glasgow | Karen Birch | The 3rdi Magazine | & Eileen Inglis at Scotland Unltd.
  • Speakers and mentors: We invite business professionals and serial social entrepreneurs on the calls, funding organisations representatives and angels, to provide tailored mentoring through webinars.
  • Facilitators, regional partners, and social entrepreneurs are specifically enrolled to coach you and inspire you during the business bootcamps and the networking events.

Read here about the history of Make a Wave and some of our previous speakers and mentors

We run a directory that lists over 400 talented women related to social and environmental change, women of all age, from diverse backgrounds and diverse occupations, amazing role-models and reference for aspiring women social entrepreneurs.

More on gains and findings: Make a Wave II report event with the Royal Society of Arts. 

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