September 2014

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The Ogunte Impact Women Network is a platform women-led social ventures use to meet, learn and grow.

We are passionate about women creating social change.

Our on-line and face-to-face events are platforms to learn and grow through bold interactive experiences and a strong peer-to-peer support.

See also below the events where the Ogunte team provides talks, support sessions and workshops.


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Make a Wave Incubator Manchester - StoryTelling

Speaker: Jo McGrath, Make a Wave Connector and Director Enterprise Stuff Ltd and Rebecca Rae - Reason Digital

Where: Central Library - The performance space St Peters Square Manchester City Centre M2 5PD - UK

When: 4th September 2914 -  6pm - 8pm

Content: During this events, participants will share recent successes and current challenges and we’ll use our people powered peer network to solve the challenges. We'll hear from Rebecca Rae, "Top 30 women under 30 in digital" and Lead for Social Media at Reason Digital, a local, fabulous social enterprise that makes the web make a difference. Rebecca will take us through the world of social media, giving practical tips on how to use social media for good!

Supported by the theme of storytelling and strong narrative, we'll guide you to practice your next pitch!

Eventbrite - Make a Wave Incubator Manchester - Storytelling - Meetup #3

Archives - Access previous sessions' recordings for free.

Webinar: Remodel Your Social Business!

Speaker: June O'Sullivan | Ceo London Early Years Foundation

Where: Online - Instant Presenter - Click here to listen to the recording

Content: This session explored how you can build a model - or a new model!- for your social business and get the relevant legal structure for it.

  • What to think about when designing a venture that will create positive social change
  • What to do when we can’t find who will pay for it
  • How to be “clever!” (why sometimes it’s not worth starting from scratch but observing what already exists on the market, amending it, tweaking it, go into a franchise...)
  • The signs that tell you an idea is a bad idea.
  • The top three things that help you decide what legal structure is best
  • 1 challenge to practice after the session 

Webinar: How can I grow as a Social Leader?

Speaker: Servane Mouazan - CEO Ogunte CIC - Executive Coach - Public Speaker - Conscious Innovation Consultant 

Where: Online - Instant Presenter - Click here to access the recording

Content: This session explores how you can boost your personal leadership.

  • How to recognise and overcome motivation, confidence and fear issues
  • How to get out of your shell and enable others to shine
  • Decide what your minimum viable leadership star is!
  • The signs that tell you you are burning out...
  • To prepare, you can listen to the talk "About Love and Tantrum Physics" and have a go at the questions Servane asks during the session!


Webinar: How can I budget and fundraise?

Speaker: Servane Mouazan, Director OGUNTE CIC Servane Mouazan - CEO Ogunte CIC - Executive Coach - Public Speaker - Conscious Innovation Consultant

Where: Online - Instant Presenter - Click here to access the recording

Content: This session covers what you need to know about putting your budget together, making strategic decisions and fundraising.

  • What is your minimum viable product/service?
  • What are your real costs, future costs, and where do you gather all your information?
  • How to map out your fundraising campaign and get the money!
  • Common mistakes to be aware of to avoid disasters.

Webinar: Get Free Legal Advice with TrustLaw

Speaker: Daniel Rostrup, programme manager at TrustLaw.

Where: Online -27 minutes - Webex - Click to access the recording 

You might be eligible now or in a few months, so make sure you know about this service, by attending this session.

Content: You've asked questions on how to access free legal support and we are glad to introduce you to TrustLaw, a free global legal support programme, made available to you by Thomson Reuters Foundation. (Eligibility conditions apply).

Check if you are eligible to benefit from the TrustLaw pro bono legal service here (small pdf). Please consider listening in  to know what you'll need to do later if you are not eligible now.

WEBINAR: How do I know I am making an Impact?

Speaker: Heather Black, CEO of Economic Change CIC, previously CEO at Striding Out CIC.

Where: Online - Goes to Instantpresenter - Click here to access the recording

Content: This session will cover what you need to know about social impact, what it is (and what it isn't!).

  • What it takes to set up objectives, indicators, tracking systems,
  • How to make a story out of your data, and all the things you can do with this information. 

WEBINAR: How to be an expert collaborator?

Speaker: Melanie Stack, Activist Angel, formerly President Intl WeightWatchers Inc.

Where: Online - Goes to Instantpresenter - Click to access recording (Sound issues solve after 10 min)

Content: This session will cover what you need to do to put a team together and inspire them, when you haven't really started your business yet or when you take a new direction.

Webinar: What if you could supply to big corporates?

Event completed on Monday 17 February 0 12:30pm - 1:30pm - London GMT
As promised, we are delighted to share with you the slides, content of the latest Ogunte virtual salon with WEConnect Europe, where we have learned how to be part of the corporate businesses' supply chain.

To request the slides, click here. (Add your name)

WEConnect International is a corporate-led non-profit that helps build sustainable communities and economic growth by empowering women business owners to succeed in global markets – they’re trying to connect up more majority owned women’s businesses into the corporate supply chain. Since 2009 they have provided certification, resources, mentoring and peer/corporate connections to businesses based outside the United States that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women. WEConnect International corporate members represent $700 billion in annual purchasing power and are true pioneers in inclusive sourcing and global supplier development.

If you enjoyed the seminar and would be interested in registering your business for free with WEConnect, the sign up link is here: - have a look through the info and the apply link is in the top right corner of the screen. When you register, please select ‘Self Registration’ as the online application type. Or you can go directly to the registration page here

More information can be found on their website: and you can also follow them on Twitter: @WEConnectEurope and join their LinkedIn group: WEConnect Europe


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