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You believe your social business can make a significant positive impact on people and planet.
You need to have all the ingredients to make your project viable, credible, visible and impactful.

To do so, use the Beesmap!

The Beesmap is a 6-cells map that contains essential information and material related to YOU and YOUR social business or community initiative. 
You get coached following a themed structure that explores your vision, your social impact, the viability of your project, your sense of connectedness, your leadership and visibility, and the way you manage learning.

Is it a business plan writing tool?

…No! It’s a self-help tool you need to go through BEFORE your write a business plan. It helps you step back and ASSESS where you are at now.
You can also look at it from time to time, when you feel you need to step back and look at how you perform.

How does it work?

With the booklet or with the help of a facilitator, you map your personal and organisational information in 6 cells through a series of questions that clarify your vision, your objectives, your assets, your behaviour, your connections and your knowledge. More importantly, you clarify what you can do -or not- with all this informatio. 

Can I have a quick look at the booklet?

Of course! Click here .

"Only when doing the Beesmap did I realise how important it is
to truly understand my business goals and how to reach them."

32-year-old start-up social entrepreneur, London

Can I order a printed booklet?Sample view Beesmap

Yes! The printed booklet costs £9.99 only, plus postage. 

Contact us here for more info

What are live facilitated sessions?

They are a great opportunity for you to get the attention from a trained business advisor/coach and to go through more in-depth questions tailored to your particular situation. They take place in person or over the internet.

What are the different formats available?

One-to-One Social Business development coaching with BEESMAP

Get up to 6 supported live websessions, over Skype, over 3 months. Includes the Beesmap booklet, as well as email support in between sessions.
Cost from £200 for 2x 45 mn sessions

Payment Options

Call us now 07932982379 for more information or contact us here.

The Beesmap Introduction for conferences or in-house workshops:

Get a 2 hour-interactive session for small groups of up to 10 people, with a Beesmap trained business advisor and coach.
Costs: £400.-
Call now 07932982379 for more information or contact us here.

Universities, Colleges, F.E. organisations, Training Organisations, Social Business Intermediaries

We provide half-day group seminars (minimum 2) with a Beesmap trained business advisor and coach.
eg: Cost for 2 seminars £800
Email support between live sessions.
Call now 07932982379 for more information or contact us here. 

Facilitators Handbook BeesmapDo you provide support for business advisors/coaches?

Yes! We provide one-to-one or groups sessions for business coaches/advisors.
Face to face or through teleconferences.
The sessions include the Beesmap printed booklet plus the facilitator’s handbook.
CPD credits available from the CPD Institute.
Call now 0044-7932982379 for more information or contact us here.

“The Beesmap quickly helped me rectify financial and
operational issues affecting my social business”

Claire, 37, French Social Innovator

Company info

Ogunte is a Community Interest Company B the Change transparent logoand a B Corp!
Registered Address: 30 Parkhurst Rd
London UK | N17 9RA
t: +447932982379
Reg. in England and Wales nr:06389473

Our values

Generosity | Reciprocity
Boldness | Excitement

Need to talk to us?

We are in London and Manchester, UK!
m: +44(0)7932982379
e: hello at ogunte dot com
t: @ogunte


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