Nominations closed on MARCH 31st, 2014, 12pm.

Discover women who accelerate change through activism and enterprise.
Women Social Leaders are the connectors, essential activators of change, and futurecentric economic actors. 

Servane Mouazan, CEO and Founder Ogunte says: “The Women's Social Leadership Awards are not about fluffiness and cupcakes. The women who have won the Women’s Social Leadership Awards over the years are real achievers and are not coasting on the buzz. They are incredible role models, challengers, and impactful decision-makers. They are making waves in communities, at government level, raise awareness about facts that no-one wants to see, and also lead citizen movements against all odds.

Our role is to show the world that these social entrepreneurs and activists do create massive ripple effects and that it is worth looking at social and environmental change through a gender lens.”

What the Women Social Leadership Award winners and finalists have in common, among other, is:

1- They are experts in their respective fields, don't get easily distracted.
2- They keep focused on developing this expertise and surround themselves with people who can surgically help them deliver a positive impact
3- They walk the talk, everything they say, advise, teach, has been tested.
4- They are great with data, they can back up what they say with evidence. They work with that data to inform others and to build up accurate and relevant services
5- They are fabulous networkers and connectors
6- They set themselves ambitious goals. If they fail, they get up again, pick up the pieces, learn and build again.
7- They understand financial, social, environmental and cultural bottom lines and know how to align them to deliver a positive impact.

Questions and judging criteria are available here for preview
The deadline for applications was 31 March 2014 - 12pm, London BST.

For further information about the Awards in 2014 and to sponsor a support programme for winners and finalists, send a contact request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you straight away!



The online application form will ask you to answer the following questions. NB once your submission is sent online, you will not be able to return to amend it

1. What is your vision and what are your main objectives to fulfil this vision? 150 words max.
2. Based on the work you have accomplished so far, what social impact goals have you set and how have you performed so far? 150 words max.
3. How do you measure this social impact? 150 words max.
4. What obstacles have you faced and how have you overcome them to get where you are now? 150 words max
5. How did you maximise your opportunities? 150 words max.
6. How do you ensure the quality of your work? (think of your own quality standards) 150 words max
7. How do you make use of connections and networking to work on your purpose? 150 words max.
8. How do you manage and cascade learning for yourself, other people in your team, and in your extended group of stakeholders? 150 words max.
9. What makes your venture/network/campaign financially viable at the moment and what is your plan to ensure its sustainability? 150 words max.
10. Visibility and leadership: how and where do you successfully develop and promote your cause? 150 words max.

*** You will also be asked to provide a link to a short video (2mn max) about your work or project, and a high resolution picture of yourself (as a nominee). The video and picture will be used to promote your work should you be selected as a finalist.***


The judges will look at how clearly the candidate demonstrates - IN THE APPLICATION FORM ONLY:

Q 1: Vision and Mission Statements

- Brief vision statement including values, purpose, and ultimate achievement in an ideal world.

- Brief mission statement including “winning idea”, business/project model, measures of success, as well as numbers, specifications, time frames, and/or geographical boundaries that clarify the scope of the venture.

Q 2 and 3: Social Impact = the difference or change made as a result of the person carrying out their work.

- A clearly defined need or starting point
- Understanding of the complexity of what is needed to achieve a change and what role/part is to be undertaken/addressed
- Specific activities that trigger a change
- Evidence of the change/s that have occurred
- Evidence of the contribution to those changes

- Statement of the tool/protocol used to measure the change (even if the methodology is your own)

Q 4, 5 and 6: Growth in Confidence = capacity to overcome obstacles and gain assurance

- Specific obstacles faced in career/life/organisation
- Insights gained through these obstacles
- Measures put in place to overcome obstacles or setbacks
- Selection of quality standards
- Types of associations with other professionals/organisations to reinforce confidence, quality standards, and credentials 

Q 7: Connectedness and collaboration = the way in which people interact and build relationships to achieve mutual goals

- Identification of people/organisations that have mutual goals
- Activities to meet with relevant people/organisations
- Activities to effectively engage with relevant people/organisations
- Evidence of how relationships have been built to progress work or enhance impact
- Evidence of change that has occurred as a result of people coming together

Q 8: Sense of learning = the way people make use of reflection and inspiration for themselves and others

- Evidence of continuous professional and self-development
- How the knowledge acquired helps them move their organisation forward
- Activities to show how learning is cascaded inside and outside their organisation
- Evidence of methods used to enable other people to learn and grow

Q 9: Viability = capacity for living, developing, or germinating under favourable conditions (resources loop)

- Evidence of source of income, funding, investment or genuine expressions of interest
- Clear identification of deliverables you use to generate income (what you sell or are contracted out to deliver)
- Evidence of how your resources management creates value (pound value, resource value, marketing value)
- How you intend to invest/spend the funds in coming period
- Evidence of methods used to swap, barter, grow resources

Q 10: Visibility and leadership = how and where you successfully promote your message

- Evidence of use of media and social media platforms to spread the message
- What strategies and styles are used to promote the cause to audiences and stakeholders

- How do you ensure that your team and stakeholders are recognised for the positive contribution to the organisation’s vision/mission.

Donna Morton accepting the People's Vote Award 2012

The Women’s Social Leadership Awards were set up in 2007 to recognise the achievements and resilience of women using innovative and bold solutions to solve social and environmental issues.


Here are this year's Winners and finalists:

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WSLA awardThe 2012 Women's Social Leadership Award Winners, were a great global vintage. It proves that with determination, discipline, resilience and impactful connections, women social entrepreneurs and activists can make a real difference.

Judge and event supporter Melanie Stubbing, President, Europe Weight Watchers Inc says: "I am delighted that these women have been recognised for the incredible impact they're making through their innovative ideas, courage and sheer hard work. They are tenacious and committed social entrepreneurs and every one of us, both men and women, have so much to learn from their passion, creativity and sheer determination to achieve success. In a world that is struggling with economic uncertainty, we need future thought leaders and facilitators like these women to challenge conventions and strive for better."

Read more ...

Louise van Rhijn | Symphonia for South Africa

Education is recognised as one of the most significant issues facing South Africa. More than 20,000 schools are failing.

Symphonia for South Africa is a Non-Profit Organisation with a vision to strengthen the fabric of South African society. We lead and initiate projects that are intended to engage South Africans in processes of nation building so that we can truly be a country that is "Alive with Possibility!"

We work to radically improve education outcomes in South Africa so that all South African children have access to Quality Education by 2022.

Read more ...

Susan Aktemel | Impact ArtsI treat obstacles as challenges to work through...

In 1994 I intended to create a successful social business using the arts to change lives. Today Impact Arts is a national social enterprise, working across 14 local authorities in Scotland with 4000+ children and vulnerable adults annually doing precisely that.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading community arts organisation, and our strategic plan to 2015 outlines how we will do this – through excellence, global benchmarking and structured scale-up through replication and partnering.

Read more ...

Donna Morton | First Power CanadaFirst Power is designed to empower First Nations to gain access to and ownership of renewable energy.

Trust is a key issue in working with Indigenous communities

First Power aims to transform the world’s relationship to energy. Our work harnesses Indigenous wisdom, the power of culture, community ownership, while tackling poverty through meaningful work and business development. Clean energy is a platform for economic transformation. We support communities replacing diesel power with clean power, we co-develop commercial projects that sell back to the grid with communities retaining majority ownership.

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andrea krauseOperating from China, with programs throughout Asia, FYSE inspires, connects and accelerates social entrepreneurs and the field that supports them. We envision a world in which social entrepreneurs have the skills, resources and network to significantly address social and environmental challenges. We have 3 objectives:

1.Incubate and Accelerate High-Impact Women Social Entrepreneurs 

2.Facilitate a system-wide change for youth by building capacity in social entrepreneurship education

3.Empower and grow a pool to entrepreneurs to address the significant social and environmental challenges in Asia

Read more ...
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