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Through the Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Awards, we have discovered women who accelerate change through activism and social enterprise.
Women Social Leaders are the connectors, essential activators of change, and futurecentric economic actors.
Servane Mouazan, CEO and Founder Ogunte says:

“The Women's Social Leadership Awards are not about fluffiness and cupcakes. The women who have won the Women’s Social Leadership Awards over the years are real achievers and are not coasting on the buzz. They are incredible role models, challengers, and impactful decision-makers. They are making waves in communities, at government level, raise awareness about facts that no-one wants to see, and also lead citizen movements against all odds.

Our role is to show the world that these social entrepreneurs and activists do create massive ripple effects and that it is worth looking at social and environmental change through a gender lens.”

What the Women Social Leadership Award winners and finalists have in common:

1- They are experts in their respective fields, don't get easily distracted.
2- They keep focused on developing this expertise and surround themselves with people who can surgically help them deliver a positive impact
3- They walk the talk, everything they say, advise, teach, has been tested.
4- They are great with data, they can back up what they say with evidence. They work with that data to inform others and to build up accurate and relevant services
5- They are fabulous networkers and connectors
6- They set themselves ambitious goals. If they fail, they get up again, pick up the pieces, learn and build again.
7- They understand financial, social, environmental and cultural bottom lines and know how to align them to deliver a positive impact.

The Women's Social Leadership Award are currently undergoing a make-over.

Ogunte is currently collaborating with the Womanity Foundation to run the Womanity Award Programme, a 3 year investment in an ecosystem that supports the replication of a successful programme preventing violence against women.


Company info

Ogunte is a Community Interest Company B the Change transparent logoand a B Corp!
Registered Address: 30 Parkhurst Rd
London UK | N17 9RA
t: +447932982379
Reg. in England and Wales nr:06389473

Our values

Generosity | Reciprocity
Boldness | Excitement

Need to talk to us?

We are in London and Manchester, UK!
m: +44(0)7932982379
e: hello at ogunte dot com
t: @ogunte


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