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activist coverFeel the fear and do it anyway!

We are taking you on a journey to move from being a mentor into being an Angel Investor!

But not just any type of investor...

On top of their ability to judge a business rationally, Angels should also explore their own attitude to risk, their gut feelings, the way they are making decisions, in order to understand how they look at enterprises they could potentially invest in.

This is why we are training mentors to use both their rational and emotional judgements to become great Angels. 

An Activist Angel has a background in business (Corporate, SME, Social Business) and has women social entrepreneurs' development at heart.

Activist Angels do not just invest money, they start with investing knowledge and social capital, with a potential view to put investment  dollars/pounds into social ventures. Financial investment can take various shapes.

Being an angel can be a hobby, a part-time or a full-time occupation!ogunte-activistangels trainingV2

We have now developed an interactive Leadership Development Programme for Aspiring Activist Angels, in collaboration with Bonnie Foley-Wong, Chief Investment Innovator at Pique Ventures, Canada.

This programme looks at how you make decisions, how you take risks, how Social Entrepreneurs "think" and how to invest in ways that are relevant to you, based on how you want to develop in your life and career.

During the programme, we are also introducing participants to real social enterprises in our network.

I learnt that being an Angel is sometimes about validation and reassurance too!

From mentor to investor

Activist Angels Feedback

Participants get connections to our networks, access to our stream of events, and a wealth of interactive resources.

On request, you get introduced to potential investees, for 12 months.

Why is an investor training important?

Investor training is important in the impact venture space because it’s not all about the financial bottom line, it’s about understanding how we can work together to co-design a positive social and environmental impact.

  • We have to learn common languages, understand people’s drivers and motivations,
  • Investors need to understand local contexts, as well as global challenges, the ones that occur now and the ones that will take place in the future.
  • Investors need to understand they can play an important part in making the work inclusive or not.

We are running an activist angel scheme here in the UK, and in Canada.

What do people gain from doing it?

Participants told us they got the confirmation they could openly use their intuition and emotional response along with critical practical analysis, when they were looking at potential investment opportunities.

They also enjoyed exploring futures thinking techniques.
They recognised that their fellow participants all had different emotional responses to the projects that were introduced to them, and that there wasn’t a one-size fits all way to analyse a proposal.


£2500,- per person. Includes participation in our social entrepreneurs programme where you can start as an active mentor/angel, for 12 months.

Please, register your interest as an individual or a corporate team here or to request a telephone call for further information and course breakdown.

Intensive action-learning and leadership coaching with real field studies. Supervised by Bonnie Foley Wong CA, CFA and Servane Mouazan, MA,MAC. On-line and on-land programmes.

Download brochure here. Includes information about content, feedback angels, benefits for you and your organisation. Contact us here to request more information

“I gained exposure to a thriving, vibrant emerging business, new relationships, and a chance to contribute and learn about challenges of a different business model.”


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