June '14 | 3 Ways to Grow as a Social Leader

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A dilemna shared is a dilemna halved...

Have you thought about the future, the transition you are in now, the people you care for, the impact you want to make... Your own story? Do you want to make sense of it all? Know where to start, how to start, who to involve and who to leave behind?

  1. Get your personal story straight (the one that took place before and the one you want to see happen next). Get a Thinking Booster to shape the story.
  2. Connect with like-minded activists and social entrepreneurs and explore a specific challenging topic together (pick up a free webinar!)
  3. Share your insights, obstacles and gains during a Walk and Learn event next to you, where you get co-mentoring, resources, and where you can jazz up your mood... (see Live events below!)

Click here to read about Thinking Booster sessions to gain clarity and focus before you start your new chapter or book now to get a trial introductory session at £49. New dates in July available!

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How Can I Grow as a Social Leader? (Free Webinar - Global)

Time: Monday 16th June // 12pm -1pm (LONDON UK BST) // 1pm-2pm Brussels CET // 7am-8pm New York EDT.
Speaker: Servane Mouazan - CEO at Ogunte CIC // Founding Partner at Conscious Innovations
Content: This session will explore how you can boost your personal leadership. How to recognise and overcome motivation, confidence and fear issues. How to get out of your shell and enable others to shine. Decide what your minimum viable leadership star is!

To prepare, you can listen to the talk "About Love and Tantrum Physics" and have a go at the questions shared during the session...


Remodel your social business (Free webinar - global)

Time: Monday 30th June // 12pm -1pm (LONDON UK BST) // 1pm-2pm Brussels CET // 7am-8pm New York EDT.
Speaker: June O'Sullivan, CEO of LEYF London Early Years Foundation and Deputy Chair of Social Enterprise UK
Content: June will remind us what to think about when designing a venture that will create positive social change; What to do when you can't find who will pay for it; How to be clever! (why sometimes it’s not worth starting from scratch but observing what already exists on the market, amending it, starting a franchise...); The signs that tell you an idea is a bad idea; The top three things that help you decide what legal structure is best...


OGUNTE Make a Wave Incubator Events UK


Our next live Make a Wave networking events will take place simultaneously in

Manchester  UK | 26th JUNE  2014 | Learning and Networking Event 

Led by Jo McGrath, Ogunte Make a Wave connector and Director at Enterprise Stuff Ltd. Brush up your finance skills, prepare for pitching, hear about the latest opportunities in Manchester, in a trusted environment.
Places are limited.
Time: 6:00pm to 8:45pm
Location: PhotoLink Creative Group - The Old School House - Thirsk Street - Manchester - M12 6PN
This event is kindly suported by PhotoLink and Enterprise Stuff Ltd.

Eventbrite - Make a Wave Incubator Manchester - Learning & Networking Meetup #2


London UK | 26th June 2014 | Walk and Learn Co-Coaching Event

Led by Servane Mouazan, Ogunte Make a Wave Director. Join other Make a Wave incubator participants, and explore challenges, ideas for your social venture, surrounded by portraits and a musical background. 

Places are limited.
Time: 6:00pm gathering for 6:30pm start sharp - until 8:30pm
Location: National Portrait Gallery, London

Eventbrite - Make a Wave Incubator London - Walk & Learn Co-coaching Event


Next dates for your calendar

Thursday 4th September Central London - Make a Wave Impact Women - House of St Barnabas
Thursday 4th September Manchester - Make a Wave Meetup #3
Thursday 25th September Manchester - Final Make a Wave Incubator event.
Monday 13th October - London - Digital Science meet Impact Women.All our events are accessible here

Impact Women 

Pioneers for Change

Logo Pioneers for Change

Embrace your potential, wealth and influence to change the world

If you feel that until now, there has been no single place for you to learn, connect and act with like-minded others. Now there is. 

The revolutionary Pioneers for Change leadership programme brings together wealth holders, entrepreneurs, impact investors and inspired individuals from around the world, for a highly personal, thought provoking and action inspiring 2-day residential in London, and continues with 6 months of virtual support via individual executive coaching and mentoring. 

Visit Pioneers for Change to find out more.



  1. Women Social Entrepreneurs
  2. Support / Funds Providers
  3. Private Sector Organisations
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