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"I continue to be inspired by the many mutual connections we discovered. Your work is so important." Amy Hall | Director Social Consciousness | Eileen Fisher | New York, USA.

Ogunte are brilliant at providing opportunities for women social entrepreneurs, making a real impact on the world at large. Without this support, where would we be? Benita Matofska | Ceo The People Who Share.

Women social entrepreneurs go through a roller coaster of emotions at all stages in their business career. Their commitment, passion and skill for their business and the change they want to make in the world can be overshadowed by self doubt, family pressures and lack of resources to achieve what they want to successfully and fast enough. I have worked with and known Servane for several years, and her role in nurturing women social entrepreneurs cannot be overstated. When you are up, she shares in your joy and celebrates with you. When you are down, she gets you on track with words of encouragement, connects you with people who can help and motivates you to keep going. Susan Aktemel - Homes for Good (Scotland) CIC

"Ogunte has great networks, great energy, and is a really supportive environment for women social entrepreneurs. My experience of coaching was thought-provoking, challenging in just the right way, but always supportive. Highly recommended!" Ruth Scott | Head of Policy & Government Affairs | Scope

"Servane Mouazan excels in Coaching and Leadership. She is an inspirational mentor with a strong "Can Do" attitude and ability to bring people together from different backgrounds." NewStatesman

Coaching Social Innovators

"I found working with Servane a welcome challenge to my habitual ways of thinking. I had my eyes opened to all sorts of possibilities I would never otherwise have considered, and always in a very supportive, nurturing way."Hannah Lee |  HR Macmillan Cancer Support.

“Only when doing the Beesmap did I realise how important it is to truly understand my business goals and how to reach them.” 32-year-old start-up social entrepreneur | London.

"Thank you so very very much for meeting with me. You really do have a whirlwind of energy around you which I found infectious in the most positive and constructive of ways! I left feeling hugely buoyant, charged and most importantly, focused." Olivia Flaxman | independant coach.

"We are clearer about our business and have moved into the driving seat of this business rather than tinkering at the edges." Louie Gardiner. Social Entrepreneur.Inspiring Leaders Foundation.

CSR policies implementation:

"A warm thank you for your passion and motivation with which you facilitate the meeting and my thinking. I really find your approach very inspiring and your energy contagious!" Eleonora Cervellera | Corporate Responsibility Champion | Buro Happold.

"Servane is insightful and incredibly well connected. A creative problem solver who is always fun and challenging to work with, her energy and focus are standouts in this sector. Most important of all she taught me everything i know about measuring social impact and quadruple bottom lines!" Stephen Rockman | Founder and Managing Partner | Merism Capital

Coaching for Boards, Teams or Networks

"You are great. The facilitation is encouraging, and creates a trusting and creative space." Jeanette Longfield MBE | Sustain

Preparing for Investment - Cherie Blair Foundation- Webinar "Servane led an inspiring online session on how to prepare for investment with the women entrepreneurs and professionals in the Mentoring Women in Business programme from around the world. She is a talented, inspiring speaker whose energy comes right through the screen. Her session and briefing on social entrepreneurship and investing was tremendously useful for our programme participants and generated an interesting conversation. Thanks!!!"  Giulia Corinaldi | Mentoring Programme Manager | Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Girls Allowed - A peer mentoring party - Changemakers Fayre - Hub Westminster - "The energy in the room was super contagious - I wish we had something similar back home in Melbourne, i'd love to attend these types of events weekly - so inspiring and real". Aimee Marks | Director | www.tomorganic.com.au

Insight Lab at Shine - Unconference - London - "I have attended a great session led by Servane Mouazan of Ogunte about different ways of gaining insights into dilemmas, obstacles and situations. Introductions via the senses were remarkably illuminating, and there were some interesting connections from those first thoughts alone".Nick Temple | School for Social Entrepreneurs.

Here's My Two Pennies Worth - London- "Thank you so much for everything you did at the 2 Pennies' Worth gathering last week. What a mass of productive energy!"- Edward Hoare | Banker's Agent | Hoares Bank UK.

International Speaking Engagements and Workshops

"I wanted to thank YOU for your great conference and workshop (which people loved!), and your stay here in Bilbao".Jone Zubiaga Creativity Meeting Point | Bilbao | Spain

In Infonomia we really admire your work!" Núria Molas Pratdesaba | Infonomia | Ifest -Barcelona, Spain.

"Thank you very much for your very stimulating moderation of the second plenary session of last week's International Social Entrepreneurship Conference". Ms Zelah Senior, Tacso - "The Future of Social Entrepreneurship"- Istanbul, Turkey.

Women's Social Leadership Awards

Oguntê created and delivered the First Women's Social Leadership Awards, a bold award, topped with coaching, mentoring, and media opprtunities for finalists and winners.

Every year, these awards recognise the achievement and the social impact of outstanding women social leaders and their teams.

I was fortunate and honoured to win an Ogunte Social Leadership Award in 2012. Servane's execution of this awards programme, is organised, stylish and her care for the finalists and winners is a clear demonstration of her passion and commitment to women social enterpreneurs. I am one of many women across the world who are inspired, encouraged and supported by Servane to do what I do, and I am thrilled to have her at my side as my friend and colleague" Susan Aktemel - Homes for Good (Scotland) CIC

Servane is a social entrepreneur with a unique mission: to support women who are making a difference in the world. I am privileged to be a member of the community of Ogunte Awardees and bowled over by Servane's generosity of spirit and her commitment to women who are leading social change. I feel privileged to know Servane and to be part of the Ogunte community!" Louise Van Rhyn | Ceo Symphonia for South Africa | Winner 2012.

"You have developed something very special in your programme as you are empowering women to make a difference in the world and they in turn are empowering other women." Jane Swift | BT PLC | Chair BT Executive Women | Speaker 2007, 2008 and 2010; Judge 2009.

"It was wonderful to see your network in action and it felt like it had a great heartbeat, congratulations on achieving this". Penny Power | Founder and CEO E-Cademy. Speaker 2009.

"Entering the Social Leadership Awards was, for me, about testing the validity of the work that has been achieved to date, and making sure we weren’t going off on some sort of horrible tangent to the rest of the social enterprise world! Our work is values-driven which is often hard to quantify, despite the many positive testimonials we receive about how people’s practices have changed as a result, and it can sometimes feel quite an isolated journey to travel. Ogunte’s Awards were the first ones I had come across which seemed to reflect our own working principles, and it turned out that we seemed to be spot on with our thinking. Winning this award has meant a huge amount, both to myself personally as this mountain has been incredibly hard to climb at times with a few blind summits, and to the Earlyarts community who have always kept the faith! I know now that this journey is valid, will have a transformational impact on professional practice, and is supported by many who recognise and champion its values. That’s a great feeling!" Ruth Churchill-Dower | CEO Early Arts | Winner 2009. 

"Thanks for including me in part of this amazing process - I was humbled by the amazing women who entered." Jo Sawicki | Ceo Cerescom

Coaching UK Regeneration Practitionners.

"I just wanted to say once again how much you brought to the workshop in terms of boundless enthusiasm, movement and newness!" C. Pienaar | New Economics Foundation| Coaching For Regeneration.

Manifesto for female Social Innovators

"Launching campaigns and starting businesses can be a lonely world. I sit in my living room/office and type away at my campaign with no real sense of my place as a woman in business. Ogunte's Manifesto for Female Social Innovators on Tuesday 3rd March was just the right medicine for me - a group of inspiring and powerful women, with fascinating campaigns and business ideas. And I felt a part of them - I felt I belonged to this group of women. The evening gave me an affirmation of my role as a woman in business - and a sense of belonging. And what a wonderful group of people to belong to!" Ruth Rogers | www.bodygossip.org

"I really enjoyed your networking event this week and was amazed at how you gently created a safe space for delegates to open up and speak." Linda Damerell | Regional Development Manager | Development Trusts Association.

"Well done on a fabulous evening last night! Great to see so many women who want to change the world!" Julie Hall | www.women-unlimited.co.uk

"It was a real pleasure to be amongst such GREAT company - to see some of you I've not seen in ages and to meet others. Congratulations on a wonderful successful night". Sara Haq | Photographer | The Overland Project| www.sarahaq.com

"Thank you for gathering a great bunch of women yesterday and for allowing the Manifesto to take form through different voices. Very uplifting to be with upcoming leaders and such strong women." Sofia Bustamante | www.turnupthecourage.com

Coaching Business Development Advisors

"Servane, has an engaging and captivating style of coaching. She establishes a bond very quickly. Her enquiring mind faciltates deep change. The speed and clarity at which she could summarise my experiences was quite incredible and totally energising. She has helped me to find long lasting calm. I have a clearer focus and the tools and techniques to de-stress and re-balance at the push of a button and for the first time in my life the ability to look at little life in a lighter, less serious manner!" Shona Munro | SM Consulting | Director, Sneinton Business Forum

"Thank thank you once again for delivering such an ‘on point’ workshop, the feedback from the Business Advisors has been great." Sandra Lawrence | Business Adviser | ACBBA

"The Business Advisors commented on the innovative style of your training and the many techniques that facilitated thinking in a different way".Nathalie Telesford | Contracts Manager | ACBBA | Association of Community Based Business Advisers.

“Servane provoked me to go away and think about what my values are and challenged me to consider running my business as a social enterprise. I do have values, but I need to ensure that I incorporate them into the vision of the business itself.” Brenda Drummond | Her Enterprise Solutions.


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