Manifesto for Women Social Innovators

Female Social InnovatorsNO TIME TO WASTE... Women Social Innovators Connect!

In these difficult times, individuals, businesses and communities are in need of practical solutions to make ends meet and live in harmony with their environment.

We have come across fabulous work achieved by women in social entreprises, campaigns, independant initiatives, or networks. They run small and medium businesses, work independantly or for existing larger organisations and they provide sustainable, replicable, exciting and inclusive solutions, contribute to making a society that is socially, environmentally and economically more balanced.

We call them Women Social Innovators.

We believe in social impact made by women.

Through this manifesto we propose to bring these women together to help hold their heads high, to shout out what they have achieved. They have made incredible impact through innovative ideas, courage and sheer hard work. They have stepped out of the tramlines of convention and been brave enough to try something new. We see many pre-set, top-down, poorly designed ‘initiatives’ to which people adhere to the letter. These women offer something different.

Collectively, we MUST acknowledge the values, the connections, the achievements of these women.

Listen to what they have to say and give them the chance and the space to develop their ideas into practice. Through their activities, they have the potential to be influential social leaders and change people’s lives for the better.

If we don’t stop and take stock of the opportunities that are there and the talent available, they may fall by the wayside leaving women still feeling trapped and blaming the glass-ceiling for their woes.

We also want men to be part of the thought process and help them invest in, and support women social entrepreneurs, campaigners and innovators. Together, we will get better results quicker.

By taking women out of the shadows, balancing gender equity, equipping them and connecting them to influential stakeholders, we grow the pool of entrepreneurial opportunities, we boost local and global welfare, and we help them to have a positive social impact on their wider networks.

Let's connect!

A big Thank YOU! to the men and women who joined the Ogunte Global Tribal Network on 3rd March 2009 in London, to connect, listen to, adopt and champion these female social innovators.



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