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Ogunte 5 growth pillars for socent

Ogunte Services for Leadership


To boost your leadership, you need to improve your performance within and outside your organisation.
Through our design thinking coaching and training support, we help you understand people’s behaviour, grow your influence on policy, governance, and increase the quality of your advocacy. We also encourage you into influential formal or informal leadership positions.


Ogunte Services for SustainabilityINCREASED SUSTAINABILITY

Your operational AND personal finances need a plan and a robust execution.
Our intervention helps women to contribute to welfare in the community of their choice. We also help women to review their operational practice in order to be more sustainable. Through our growth readiness and learning programme, we mainly focus on money matters and how they influence the decisions you make to grow your operations.

Ogunte Services for connectednessSENSE OF CONNECTEDNESS

We help women to manage greater numbers, quality and relevant knowledge, and power networks. This takes place through our facilitated events and speaking interventions in connected conferences. We feel it’s important to engage with others with authenticity. Most of all, we believe all this activity needs to make sense in your life.

Ogunte Services for ConfidenceGROWTH OF CONFIDENCE

Our intervention impacts on women as they recognise themselves as genuine agents of change, exercising power and influence. You can explore this through a series of individual or group coaching sessions. A growth in confidence is certainly the benefit all our service users find after our intervention.

Ogunte Services for LearningENHANCED SENSE OF LEARNING

We help women to apply their skills differently and to disseminate skills contributing to other’s prospects in life. Your team, whether we it’s your board, your employees or a collective of associates, need to manage and retain knowledge effectively. This is why, through coaching sessions, we help you design and execute systems that champion learning throughout all your activities.



Programme Management

This service includes a combination of all the elements above. Read case-studies about our collaboration with grant-making foundations here, and here.

Self-help toolkit

“The Beesmap” is a booklet with which you can develop your capacity in each of the categories. Coaches are available if you prefer not to do it on your own.

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Read our various case-studies related to:


When we work together, you or your service users take away a “think and do” roadmap and a playbook to reinforce your vision, your strategy, your personal development, your inspiration, and your accountability.

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