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What it means: We believe in social impact made by women. Influential and connected women with bold solutions to social and environmental issues, can create sustainable opportunities to make the world a better place. Influential and connected women are more likely to be listened to and valued as civic, political and economic citizens.

Our mission question: How can we help thousands of women make a positive impact on people and planet by enabling them to learn, lead and connect?

Why it is important? By taking women out of the shadows, balancing gender equity, equipping them and connecting them to influential stakeholders, we grow the pool of entrepreneurial opportunities, we boost local and global welfare, and we help them to have a positive social impact on their wider networks.

Our customers: The women we work with are activists, social entrepreneurs, members of campaigning organisations, sme's or larger organisations, who, by their activities, are, or can become, influential social leaders, provide practical solutions to social and environmental needs, and change many people’s lives for the better.

We call these women Social Innovators and Social Entrepreneurs. So far we have worked with over 3700 of them (between 2007 and 2013)

We also include men in the process and help them invest and support women social entrepreneurs, campaigners and innovators, we will get better results quicker.

The team: The team has global experience in organisational reviews and business planning, european funding, social innovation branding and trends, information and knowledge management, social impact measurement, strategy reviews, leadership and executive support, collaboration and stakeholders management.

Read more about our consultants, coaches, facilitators and journalists here .

We have managed micro-grants, developed knowledge and networks specifically around women leading sustainable change, contributed to mentor and upskill women entrepreneurs across the globe with our partners (Trust Law connect, Cherie Blair foundation for Women, Aspire Foundation for Women, etc.), created an Activist Angels programme for up and coming investors and lenders, conducted research with 200 women social innovators globally, and organized 7 International Women’s Social Leadership Awards for impactful women social leaders.

The impact: We measure our impact and conduct our activities according to the following principles:

  • Visibility and Social Leadership- where our intervention impacts upon women’s influence of change in policy, governance and people’s behaviour; women taking influential formal or informal leadership positions, genuinely “supported” by their stakeholders.
  • Stronger Viability / Sustainability- where our intervention changes the way women contribute to local and global welfare (thanks to robust systems and well managed activities).
  • Increased Sense of Connectedness- where our intervention helps women to manage greater numbers, quality and relevant knowledge, and power networks.
  • Growth of Confidence- where our intervention impacts on the capacity of women to recognise themselves as genuine agents of change, exercising power and influence.
  • Enhanced Sense of Learning- where our intervention help women to apply their skills differently and to disseminate skills contributing to other's prospects in life.

We are a Community Interest Company.

Our values: 

Generosity | Sense of Connectedness | Boldness 

What we practice (and it goes both ways!)

Reciprocity | Acknowledgement | Permission | Excitement!


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